Equerry Pro


Keeping your shoes pristine clean will be a pleasure not a chore.
The unique Equerry Pro delivers an effortless shine. The compact shoe care kit includes two ergonomically designed handheld batons. One with a motorised horsehair brush and the other with an application sponge and
Comes with integrated 50ml of black shoe cream.

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Key Features
All-in-one shoe polishing solution

Cleanliness – polishing shoes the traditional way can be a messy experience. The integrated shoe cream in the Equerry Pro provides the ultimate shoe shine and ensures that your hands and worktops are kept spotlessly clean.
Portable – a perfectly contained shoe care kit enclosed in a shoe string bag and designed to use on the go. Can be taken on a plane.
Time Saving – designed for ultimate convenience. Shoes are polished within 3 minutes.
Long lasting charge - more than 10 pairs of shoes can be polished with one charge using the USB-C cable provided.
Premium materials – to achieve a superior shine the Equerry Pro integrates the finest quality Italian shoe cream with a natural horsehair brush to massage the cream deep into the pores of the leather. The integrated airless pump ensures that the cream never dries up