The all-in-one shoe polishing solution

Two ergonomically designed batons equipped with everything you need to achieve a spectacular shine


Application Sponge

Neatly and evenly applies shoe cream


Horsehair brush

Premium-quality brush massages the cream deep into the leather


Integrated Shoe Cream

50ml high quality Italian shoe cream integrated within the baton


High-torque motor

High-torque motor drives the brush head achieving an effortless shine


Convenient and Portable

Small and light, easy to store or take with you


Long-lasting charge

More than 10 pairs of shoes can be polished. It can be fully recharged in 30 minutes

Motorised Horsehair Brush

The premium horsehair brush is driven by a powerful high-torque motor to achieve an unrivalled result without effort.



Integrated Shoe Cream

The Equerry Pro comes with the finest Italian black shoe cream fully integrated as standard. 50ml dark tan and neutral shoe creams are also available.


Long Lasting Charge

The Equerry Pro is charged through an included USB-C cable for your convenience, it is fully charged within 30 minutes and more than 10 pairs of shoes can be polished on one charge.



A perfectly contained shoe care kit, designed to be used on the go. Conveniently stored in its own box measuring 16cm x 10cm x 5cm, and weighing just 386 grams, meaning it can easily be stored in a drawer, glove box or taken with you when you travel.


3 Shoe cream colours

A choice of 50ml black, dark tan or neutral Italian shoe cream is integrated within the sponge baton.



A superior shine in under 3 minutes

No mess. A clean shoe shine experience

Designed and engineered in the UK

What’s in the box

The Equerry Pro includes:

  • Presentation box
  • Branded drawstring bag
  • Protective case
  • Shoe cream, application sponge baton
  • Motorised horsehair brush baton
  • Instruction manual
  • USB-C charging cable

About the product

The Equerry Pro is a British invention. A beautifully designed electric shoe polishing kit that keeps your shoes in the best possible condition. The unique two-baton design integrates shoe cream, an application sponge and a motorised horsehair brush. All the equipment needed to deliver a superior shine with minimum effort and zero mess.
The powerful high-torque motor, which drives the brush, achieves an unrivalled result without the effort. Let the Equerry Pro do the work for you and ensure a glass like finish to your shoes without fuss, mess or  stress

I like this product very much


It has excellent portability, and its performance is significantly higher than that of Model 1.

Rikki K

Fantastic product!

Fantastic product! I’m due back in the office and want to look my best so was looking for something quick and easy to polish my shoes. The equerry pro delivers and even fits in my glovebox. I tend to visit many clients and want something that will keep me looking smart as winter approaches. Thank you


It's a must from me

I like to have nice, clean and shining shoes. So, I was a heavy user of the first Equerry I discovered two years ago. But the new one is so much better. It’s really more easy to use. And also small enough to take with me in my luggage when travelling. And, the most important, the final result is great. My shoes are clean, blinking and … I don’t have shoe cream on my hand. Sincerely, it’s a must for me